Our almond & oats cakes, fluffy and delicious, are low in calories intake but also low in carbohydrates which makes them keto & paleo (Contain Organic Eggs) friendly. Healthy cakes full of flavor you can enjoy.

Nutritional facts for the syrups at the bottom.

Butritional Facts Chocolate

Note: All nutritional facts are based on the cakes without the caramel or chocolate syrup (Both syrups contain non-fat milk). Our cakes contain organic eggs.

Nutritional Info of the Syrup for a Serving of 3.8 grams: 9 Calories, Carbs 2.5 grs / 9% , Sugar in Alcohol 1,5 grams (Caramel) and 1.7 grams (Chocolate), Net Carbs 1 grams (Caramel) or 0.8 grams (Chocolate)

If you will like to know how much more calories, carbs or Sugar in Alcohol add the above nutritional facts to each cake.