Savor the delightful fusion of almonds and oats in our irresistibly fluffy cakes, each bite delivering a burst of delicate flavors. Delectably low in both calories and carbohydrates, these cakes perfectly conform to keto and paleo dietary standards. Crafted using organic eggs, they harmoniously blend nutrition with sustainability. Each wholesome bite of these mouth-watering cakes promises an enchanting journey of guilt-free pleasure, bursting with flavors that dance on your palate. Relish the wholesome luxury of our almond and oats cakes, and let them transform your everyday moments into gourmet experiences.

Nutritional facts for the syrups at the bottom.




Note: All nutritional facts are based on the cakes without the caramel or chocolate syrups (Both syrups contain non-fat milk). Our cakes contain organic eggs. All products may  contain traces of walnuts, pecans, milk or soy.

Nutritional Info of the Syrup for a Serving of 3.8 grams: 9 Calories, Carbs 2.5 grs / 9% , Sugar in Alcohol 1,5 grams (Caramel) and 1.7 grams (Chocolate), Net Carbs 1 grams (Caramel) or 0.8 grams (Chocolate)

If you will like to know how much more calories, carbs or Sugar in Alcohol add the above nutritional facts to each cake.