We extend a cordial invitation to our discerning patrons to delve into the comprehensive nutritional profile of Full Life Gourmet Bakery’s exquisite Almond and Oats Cakes.

Enveloped in the splendid symphony of almonds and oats, our cakes boast an airy texture that is a testament to the finesse of artisanal baking. Each sumptuous morsel delivers a cascade of well-curated flavors, seamlessly blending the wholesome goodness of the ingredients.

Our cakes are notably characterized by their judicious nutritional composition, with a remarkably low content of calories and carbohydrates. This renders them as an impeccable selection for those adhering to Ketogenic and Paleolithic dietary protocols. Moreover, the inclusion of organic eggs in the crafting of these cakes signifies our unwavering dedication to amalgamating nutrition with sustainable practices.

As you peruse the nutritional table, we would like you to pay heed to the equilibrium of nutrients that have been meticulously curated to ensure that each bite is not only an epicurean delight but also a nourishing experience. Full Life Gourmet Bakery's Almond and Oats Cakes present a guilt-free indulgence that strikes a harmonious balance between captivating flavors and nourishing ingredients.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the indulgent, yet mindful, luxury of our cakes and allow them to transmute your ordinary moments into extraordinary gourmet experiences.

Please proceed to examine the nutritional table, and let the rich tapestry of carefully selected ingredients inform your journey to an elevated culinary experience, bound by both taste and wellness.

*Nutritional facts for the syrups at the bottom.




Note: All nutritional facts are based on the cakes without the caramel or chocolate syrups (Both syrups contain non-fat milk). Our cakes contain organic eggs. All products may  contain traces of walnuts, pecans, milk or soy.

Nutritional Info of the Syrup for a Serving of 3.8 grams: 9 Calories, Carbs 2.5 grs / 9% , Sugar in Alcohol 1,5 grams (Caramel) and 1.7 grams (Chocolate), Net Carbs 1 grams (Caramel) or 0.8 grams (Chocolate)

If you will like to know how much more calories, carbs or Sugar in Alcohol add the above nutritional facts to each cake.