About Us

We are a company that started with a dream, to make top quality, moist and fluffy, healthy baked desserts, that one can indulge with without guilt, for all people, families and kids but also all the celiac, lactose intolerance and diabetic people in the world, satisfying the most demanding palate. That is how FULL LIFE was born. 

My wife Rebeca a pharmacist and I Guillermo (William), Economist and mass consumption plant manager with our two kids, a young boy  Christian, and a little lady Clarissa, and our Mini Sheepadoodle Luna, have always enjoy eating healthy, going out to the beach, exercising and doing fun a playful things, but encounter it was hard to fulfill, without guilt our need for healthy treats. We found out that almost all the cakes offered in the market had to many calories, were hard or tastes awful and on top of it had to little or no benefits, so we decided to develop products that were fun and tasty to eat but at the same time healthy. With that though in mind, FULL LIFE BAKERY "The Wellness Oven"  came to life. 

Our Vision: 

To build a gourmet bakery and brand that symbolizes, through the production of top quality healthy baked goods, without sugar, gluteen, dairy or process flours and tips in exercising, lifestyle, relationships and social integration what means to have Life Full of joy, happiness, friendship, family and love.

Our MIssion:

To make the best healthy baked goods with top quality products that are the most tastiest, moistfull, flavorful, fluffy, organic and in some cases crunchy, without: sugar (Diabetic people), gluteen (Celiac people), dairy (Lactose Intolerant), or process flours  to be share with friends and family in order to indulge without guilt.